Day 5 and 6 in Swaziland

Friday was one of our Taiwan employees last day in Swaziland. In a way I felt relief…cause during the week I had to keep translating and I felt I wasted a lot of time doing that. But at the same time, I also felt weird without him. Lots of current situation for Castor Department, I wont have any one to ask for information anymore. I will have to find it out myself !


In the morning, while I was waiting for my mum doing stuff in the bank. I was in the car drawing and sketching with ideas how about to set up the irrigation and watering system for one of our farm. When we got back into the office. We had a really long meeting in the morning. Lots of things going happen next week..I hope im doing the right thing. Im trying to set up our home made compose and experimental areas for castor. No one seems to have better ideas..but again no one is really a profession on this. 存cary


We left the office a hour earlier to go to a property thats own by the company and used it for renting out for tenants. Its been a very busy and stressful day. So I decided to take over the car and do the driving. Its my first time driving in Swaziland. It was fairly long drive., almost 2 hours. A cow all the sudden came to the road and stop in the middle. I was going a bit fast that was a bit hard to stop. Lucky I made it, the cow was literally right next to the car.death experience她ne little mistake or wrong timing..i could really hit the bloody cow. Then later on when I was going out the road, somehow I looked at the right side but forgot to look at the left side. So when I drove out, the left side car appeared next to me and was pretty scary.if she doesnt stop or I go any slow; Probably will have car accident happen. Oh well..its my first time driving in I guess its acceptable with all these little mistakes


When we arrived, there were 4 puppies and 2 cats came into the drive way. They were all super friendly and really cute. I started to play with them. Its own by this elderly lady who owns the whole land around here. Our company actually bought it over from her. Then she took us to see the problem of house that need to be fix . I was so shocked and amazed when saw the house. Its like the house you seen on English Tv, literally. (see photo) sadly we didnt have time to see the inside. Next time next time, hopefully.


After this, we drove to a hotel + garden to pick my some Taiwanese friends. We went to a really nice outdoor restaurant. Scenery was amazing, food was acceptable but not the best. I had so much to drink, cause first time in Swaziland that have someone to drink with me. One of them is a father who has PHD, I felt so comfortable and respectful with his knowledge. We talked for so long and had some really nice discussion about gay marriage, Christian religion technology works. Lol was really fun. I kept falling asleep on the way home. But I kept trying to stay awake, cause its pitch black on the road and my mum was really tired too. Plus 夷ts an two hours drive back home too. The minute I walked into the house匈 felt asleep right immediately. Lol


Saturday, I drove to the villa by myself to use internet. but it actually not much faster and I have to pay for water, foods (which they dont cook lunch for me ? I dont know why). So I only stayed for about 2 hours. Then I went to do some grocery shopping myself and came back home to cook myself lunch. I took a nap after lunch存omehow I was really tierd..i dont know if its the heat or its just I need to rest. The afternoon went very fast. I watched two movies tonight, Goosebumps (Crappy movie) and Batkid Begins (Documentary, really good, powerful and emotional story. I kept crying during the whole film..not a sad crying but overflowed with joy type of crying hahaha. ). After that I was back to work again妄eep falling asleep while I was doing the editing for Queer Screen..zzzz


Anyways, thats my last two days of life in Swaziland. Doing a lot of wors, but also have few hours of fun time at night but I think what I really need is a good relaxing and sleep for one day.( dont think I will have it this month存ign奸ol)


Day 4 in Swaziland

Today I got to spend about 3 hours alone time in the office. (omg ..did my wish just come true from yesterday ? haha) So it was good that no one was in the office, I can easily clear my head and really focus on the works. During the lunch time, I went to a little food shop next to the office. But still took me 20 minutes! I had Beef Stew with rice, I’m really surprised that I did enjoy the food. Next time I’m gonna try PAP (Corn) with the Beef Stew. Apparently Corn and Sugarcane are the biggest things here in Swaziland. 99% of every local grows corn in their backyard. How awesome is that ~ haha.

In the afternoon, It was pretty busy when everyone came back into the office. Somehow we just start planning and throwing ideas about how to rearrange the plantations around the office. What needs to be taken out and what needs to be replant with correct order. Time goes way too fast during all the discussion. However, its going to be very exciting to see it all happen and hopefully will turn it to be successful ideas.

There were so much to do in the office today, no one left the office even it was 5pm. (Usually everyone start packing around 4:50pm) lol. We ended up leaving the office about 6:30pm..came back home had a dumpling for dinner. Then went out again into a villa (about 5 min drives from my current place). Its own but the same owner, but this villa is targeting really really rich people. But we get to come in and use the area (use the wifi) lol. Its not much faster在ut its a lot better than using the wifi in the car.

Im starting to have a routine存tarting to work for all three companies again. Its insanely busy I feel like any minute if I close my gonna go into a very deep deep sleep. hahah

Anyways, thats it for today haha now gotta start packing and move back to my place now. Its 10:30pm and i still havent shower.zzzzz

night night Blog, night night readers.

Day 3 in Swaziland-100