The end of Bali

The flight from Bali back to Sydney was an trip of exhaustation. The two hours of waiting didnt feel that long at all, so I thought it was a very good start. But when we got on the plant, there were many babies and the guy behind us never stop taking to his new friend that he just met on the plant. I thought the late night flight will be perfect cause I can just sleep all the way through, and when I wake up I will feel just perfect. That didn’t happen…the babies were crying almost nonstop. At one stage,  the baby was just right next to us and screaming. Honestly, honestly, I dont know how can anyone be possibly still asleep…oh well..the person next to me did…I’m still very impress. The crying babies kept waking me up even if I have my earphone on. Then the flight was a bit shaky…somehow I kept having the images of crashing down and if that happen what i should do. Then of course it started to freak me out everytime the flight shakes. I think cause the nervous plays a bit…i started to fell really uncomfortable with my tummy.I tried to relax but listening to some music, read my book, hoping I can go back to sleep. The next minute…we were about to land. So I was walking like a zombie when I got off the plant. I had to wait in the costumes for half hour or even longer
..which made me extra tired. Lucky we had a friend picking us up, we didn’t have to take the taxi or train home. The minute I walked into the house…i went to the bed…and sleep…i was so tired that I can’t even speak English anymore. Everything I said sounds like mumbling,  worst than my normal mumbling sound. Lol. I slept for few hours  and got up just right before my friend came back home. Then it’s his turn to sleep, I got up and started my work. There are lists of things waiting for me to finish the minute I got back sydney. I gotta find a apartment, find an internship, find another job, continuing working for the underwear company but they just gave me more jobs to do…, above are the top four on the list. Then the list continuing with things like, continuing writing and recording music, practice more on the art software, keep making art and painting, social and catch up with friends, organise my visa situation when I graduate, what to do after I graduate…..Etc etc…. Omg why would I ever want to come back to Sydney. I miss Bali…no wonder so many Aussies like to go there and retired there. Of course there are other reasons, but one of is…. It’s too stressful to live in city. I like Bali’s very me, just do everything in turtle speed and very relax and calm. In sydney…it’s competition everywhere, people don’t look at the nature anymore because they are surrounded by skyscrapers.
I got on a very good seat on the flight from Bali to Sydney. I sat next to the window. I got to see the nightstars, the sunrise, the clouds, and the amazing landscape. Those are the best things of flying back to Sydney. Other than that…
The day I got back to Sydney, I rest the morning, the afternoon and night I started to do all the things thats on my top four list. By the time I was one am already. I just hope I get some results soon enough to pay my future. Haha.
Tomorrow is Saturday, and I have been finally put back on the roaster for more shift. Just hope I can get a few more before I find my next job. Tough tough world we are living in. (or maybe I haven’t try hard enough) anyway, here I come, stressful life. Time to face you  now. had a wonderful 10 days of hiding away from it…now gotta face the truth.

Day 9 in Bali 

Omg, can’t believe it’s the last day in Bali already. Even tho i have been counting the days, but not the way that wanted to end it but wanted to seize the day in Bali. It’s been a truly amazing trip. I got to meet so many amazing people and adventure this beautiful island ? country ?. One thing i really worry…I hope the ocean water is not polluted by all the cargo ships..which is not that far away at all. I have been in the water every single days…If it is polluted…I don’t know ..I might turn into Spiderman ? Batman ? Waterman ? Polluted man, I am already anyway. ? Oops. lol. Anyways, today is the day I didn’t go for a swim because I am quite worry about my shoulders. So we had a late breakfast (around 10am) but somehow the buffet area was packed ! At one stage..the power went off…but everyone were still ‘naturally’ picking their breakfast or eating their After the breakfast, we went down to the beach for a walk and then went to a few shops to do our “almost first shopping” in Bali. After compares the price with few shops, we ended with the first shop and spend about 50AU..which i thought was quiet expensive to spend in Bali. Anyhow, i do like what i got for my friends as a gift, looking forward to give it to them :). We went back to the hotel after the shopping. Just right after we had a shower to clean ourselves up, the rain started to pour down like a giant waterfall but not the beautiful way. We felt really lucky we got back to the hotel before this. I was thinking of going to swimming pool for a swim in the afternoon..looks like that not going to happen. We watched the movie on tv called, “Dead Man Walking (1995)”, really good story but such mix emotions in the end…don’t know if should feel sad or satisfied. I suppose that’s also what the movie is trying to tell us…Does execution really bring satisfaction ? Does execution bring the solution of the problem ? Or is it more like giving a gun to the people and say ‘use it to solve every problem you have’. Anyways, enough of this, back to my beautiful bali trip. The rain stopped right after the movie finished, which was prefect. We decided to go back to our favourite restaurant which is just right next to the novotel hotel, called, “Bali Reef Resort”. Not sure if the place is open for any customers, but cause my friend have been there like million times. All the staffs knew him already, so we have no trouble walking in and get a seat. We have been there at least 5 times in our trip, all the girls are really friendly and remember my name as well. Sorry I have to brag a little bit, but i think one of the girl actually fancy me. Oops. We have been there few times, and the girls always at the back and giggling, laughing, pushing each others.  Because today is our last day, we gave them a hug. This girl hugged me so tight and keep touch me at my back. When we took a photo, she got really close to me as well. I freaked out. LOL. As you can see in the photo below..I was really scared and nervous. (p.s. that’s probably how i looked like when i was in the club, but without a smile on my face and also finger in my ear to try to block the awful quality of the music). Anyway, we had a really nice late lunch there (just usual SATA and BINTANG). We got back to the hotel, I was chatting with the local friends here, had a really nice laughed in front of my laptop. When it’s time to go, we packed everything and called the hotel to help us pick up the bags. The guy came, we passed my bag to him…1…2…3..4.. “Boom”. I looked with a shocked. At this stage I don’t know what’s wrong with it. I walked closer and had another look. The handle of my luggage is broke. I pick it up and try to see if it’s fixable. The guy standing behind me said, “It’s already broke”. OMG, I literally got really mad and wanted to make him pay for it. It’s not the easiest or best luggage, but it is NOT WHERE NEAR CLOSE to be broken. I was so angry at him that the first he said was not “Sorry” but trying to point the finger at me that It was ME break the luggage. I mean…seriously…how idiot can you be to tell such lie !! When we walked down, I didn’t even want to look at him at all or even say good bye. Quote from “How I met your mother”, I gave him the “You are dead to me eye” !! SO yes, he is dead to me now. Bloody idiot. We got on the car and got to the airport, I had to carry my luggage, lucky wasn’t heavy. We got through the costume…they didn’t scan us through the first we were like..oh..this is easy. But we got through the second section and there was scanner…i felt safer now lol. But it was so quick like they barely check my passport. It’s almost like they just stamp and go…ok then..but we had to pay $20 for ??/ FOR WHAT !?!?! I have no IDEA..something call Departure Tax ? ummm I don’t like the sound of that. We got too the airport way too early…we got 2 hours before the boarding time…… SO now i’m writing my last day in Bali blog in the food court, with a seat that has no the area that you can lay your back…does those seats still existing ? lol. Anyways…looking forward to my meal on the flight…and then back to the stressful busy city life…yappie….welcome to reality…I can hear the sound that is calling me……and i reply..”nooooooooooooooooooo”.