Day 98 ~ 105 in Swaziland

Day 98 ~ 105 in Swaziland

Last week has been insanely busy and this week is also going to be like this. I have been so busy contacting people for the house renovation and repairing. Also at the time gotta keep my eyes on the workers with the farm schedule and resolve pest and weed issue. I was hoping everything will been on track ..but that’s not gonna happen, is it. No one is gonna work 100% unless you are the boss…then of course you will work 110% every day. With the employee…they do something, ticked, and then waiting for you to say another thing for them to do. Im just so sick and tired ‘training’ those puppets. But that’s thing i need to learn isn’t it, to really know how to manage the company, is have the patient to walk together wit the employee/ team and foreseen the company’s vision and path. Honestly…exhausted for the brain. I haven’t been watch any documentary or movie, really have been too busy and don’t have time to watch it at all. (Don’t even have time to upload my blog). Also trying to arrange to catch up with my neighbour before i go back to’s just so much are happening here. This week is pretty much meeting every single day and try to create another ‘path’ for them to walk on after i leave. Omg , did i just make myself sounds like the ‘saviour’ ? lol. Anyways, I’m sure this week is gonna go super fast. Next week…will hopefully be going to Durban. Then Two more days after I’m  back from Durban, is the day flying back to Australia !! OMG !! How exciting. Im already thinking what i should wear on the flight so i can be really comfortable and not fainted this time. Fingers crossed.

I bought so many gifts to bring back to Australia. I spend overall 300AUD i think haha. None of them are actually for me. I can’t wait to give them to all my friends and see their reaction, hopefully they will like it.

Lately I have been spending a lot of time on recording and editing while I’m at the holiday house. I realised that why i do the most when I’m alone. Maybe that’s a way for myself to keep myself busy and avoid ‘loneliness’ ? Ummm Interesting isn’t it… ! After giving baby chub and Dale to listen to the final editing…with all the feedback, i decided to take out all the vocal tracks and wait until I get the right person to sing it (Maybe Vivian, Maybe Leo (Friend of dale from University). Really should make it to the perfection and not rush to publish it ( I have this bad habit of really want to realise it the minute i finish the song, lol). So sick of the old singer….i decided to delete her on Facebook and officially not want to have anything to do with her with the band or anything at all. I actually spend about half hour one night and just deleting people on Facebook whom i have been wanting to get rid of them in my life for a long time. I don’t know if this is a good thing or not, but i like to get to know lots of people every now and then, and keeps one or two that I really enjoy being around then. The rest of them…i really cant be bother to pretend to like them. So this is what I’m doing, getting rid lots of people from Taiwan and keep the ‘real friendship’ whom doesn’t base on the value of your belief, your religion, because who you are is what they like about you, period. Human’s life is limited, we don’t have time to waste on rubbish friendship.

Anyways, thx for reading:) I will try upload more regularly for my last two weeks of life in Swaziland😉 haha

Day 96 and 97 in Swaziland

Day 96 and 97 in Swaziland

This weekend in Holiday House…i think it really has been ‘cursed’ at this holiday house. Ever since I start to call it ‘holiday house’, i can barely get any work done here in this house. LOL. On Saturday, I woke up about 9am only because there were Monkeys on our roof directly above me. It was so noisy them jumping and walking around the whole time. So I had to come out of the house and look at those monkeys to let them know that I’m inside and I want to sleep. lol. It works, at first the baby monkeys were playing hide and seek with me, which i found it extremely adorable even tho they were the ones that kept me awake. But later on, the Mama Monkey came and took all the them away from our roof. So I was able to go back to sleep. I didn’t get up until 11:30am…My Saturday and Sunday…I was having breakfast at 12..Lunch at 3pm..and Dinner at 8pm. LOL. Holiday house has really officially become my real holiday house. My saturday was very very nerdy. I didn’t do any exercise or walk outside the house. I was in the room from the minute i woke up…Then I started working on my music again..recording …editing… mixing… ALL DAY until 5pm. I can become a total nerd sometime, but i really enjoy it. I wish i can pause the time while I’m doing my music, so i can enjoy spending as much time as i want and do all kinds of experiments, sounds, chords, and melody. When time is limited…you kinda have to record the first three samples that you came out..and pick the best one. Even that..still takes whole day to record just a bass line… Anyways, really hope I can come out with another album this year for my band “Be”. I got five songs now doing the final mixing with the vocals. So hopefully i can write another 2 or 3 songs after I’m back in Sydney. Yippie. At night, we went to a really classic and well decorated western restaurant in the city with a Taiwanese family and a very christian. The whole night i was playing with their 6 years old daughter. I had Mojito the minute i sat down, then we open a bottle of red. I did get a little drunk when i got back home but not for long..another glass would probably put me to sleep. I had Pork Chop, but they were way too salty and fatty. I asked the staff for Mint Jelly (or Cranberry Sauce)..they don’t know what that is.. (sadly). The pork Chop is really more like Pork Steak instead of chops…so disappointed. The night went really fast cause i was trying to “wake up” their son from this bloody christianity. I was explaining to him why I refused to believe in God and I hate people so called themselves “Christian” and “Saving others” but deep down they are doing it for their own purpose (reason) which is to get to heaven and get ‘praise’ by this so called ‘god’. We went on to talk about Psychology, Geology, Human Nature..etc etc, but he is only 15 years old…so i was pretty much the one being too passionate about Christianity. lol His parents probably think I’m crazy and shouldn’t have make this farewell dinner event for me. lol. Anyways, I got back home, talk to baby chub for hour as usual on the phone:) was fun and so glad talking on FaceTime actually doesn’t cost a lot of data. To talk to FaceTime for 30 Minutes, cost the same amount of data as if you watch a 2 minutes video on Youtube. I know right ?! Shocking. hahaha. Somehow I couldn’t go to sleep during the night, so I watched a movie called “Marie’s Story” (French Film). I only put it on cause I thought it will put me back to sleep. But It didn’t…it made me more energetic than before I start the movie. It was such perfectly filmed movie , the angle was beautiful and various tastes and style. The capture of light is brilliantly focus on the right spot, I’m sure some of them were actually natural light, which makes it even more beautiful to utilise the sunlight and find the perfect angle to capture it. Indeed, the whole film uses a lot of ‘natural resource’ such as the tree, leafs, objects, winds, sunlight, as a transformation to add up the emotion on the character. It’s truely beautiful. Another my favourite style is when the characters were fighting and struggling , the camera angle did a focus bird eye view style on two characters legs kicking each other. Brilliant Shot !!! Defiantly show the viewer the feeling of struggle of those two characters so realistically. I watched it again with Michelle in the morning. This is the type of film i can watch many times and still get different message from the film. The story line, of course, it’s truly powerful and beautiful. A catholic sister willing to sacrifice herself to help the ‘blind and deaf’ girl to learn how to communicate and help her outside of her own prison. This is type of film i think every so called themselves ‘Christian’ should watch and see how a real person in the history did this because of Love, not because wanting other people ‘believe’ in ‘god’ or ‘Read the bible’. When we can believe in god but do things with action for reason of love not because to ‘praise god’, then I believe the world we are living in will be so much better. If only people can have brain and actually use it to think…. sigh.
My Sunday, I finally decided to go outside of the house. lol. Me and Michelle , we drove to a tourist location to do most of the shopping. I got a few little pieces for friends, ended up spending another 80AUD. hahaha. I really like the pillow case there but they were ridiculously expensive. Each one cost 22AUD…I was like …seriously…literally ripping the tourism, isn’t it. Ok, I can’t say too much about what i bought, cause i need to keep a secret until I’m in Sydney. lol. But hopefully everyone will like what I’m about to give to them. hehe. At night, I had dinner the mall again and just doing my work there with my laptop….getting ready for Monday again. Time is running out….im literally planning my next 22 days in Swaziland in detail ..otherwise really a lot of things won’t get done if I don’t do it like that. Finger’s cross that everything will go the way i plan. OMG 22 days then I’m back to Sydney, how exciting is that !!

Anyways. thx for reading:) xoxo. First week of May is now officially finish. Three more weeks to go ~~~


Day 95 in Swaziland

Day 95 in Swaziland
Today was another crazy busy day. We got to the office in the morning and getting ready for the minister of agriculture (But ended up was the minister of commerce/ industry trade fair) to arrive and visit our office. An hour before they arrived, Michelle started panic because she realised that left her phone at home So I had to drive for 20 minutes back home to get it for her and another 20 minutes back to the office… Pain. I arrived the office the same as the minster and lots of government people arrived. There were about 10 people, including ourselves. The whole meeting went from 10:30am until 3:30pm. We introduced our factory, our research area, our company vision and where we are heading this year and next year. Then we took them to see both of our farms that’s currently operating. I was really hoping they won’t stay to have lunch with us, cause u know..have lunch with the government people is never fun..! Sadly, they did want to have lunch. So we went the game reserve and had very late lunch there. I was so exhausted from all the driving even after lunch. However, my day has not finish…I still gotta go see Solar Grandpa and have meeting with him. By the time i got there, it was about 4:45pm. He was just about to leave, and I said “ Oh yeah, Right on Time. Wohooo”. lol. So we ended up chatting and discussing for hours…I didn’t leave his office until 6pm. It was so fun to see him using google and websites. He was reading it out every single line on the website, I just kept laughing cause it was soon cuuute. lol. Plus he was wearing a really tide short with T-Shirt, cause apparently it’s holiday for them yesterday and today…so u having very good ‘view’ if u know what i mean. lol. During the conversation, he asked me one question, “Do you know what makes men enjoy sex so much ?” My face was all red and I just keep laughing, I replied “ Wait ? U seriously asking me this questions? LOL”. Lucky I didn’t say the answer..i thought was “cumming” but for him the answer is “love”. Then he went on explain that there was a research in america that 20 people having sex with each others, 18 of them said they don’t really enjoy it because they still prefer to have sex with their partner (or the love one). So I was like, “ ohh that’s so sweet”. (Wipe my sweat, lucky i didn’t answer the question). Lol. I must take a photo with him before i go back to Sydney. He is a such lovely grandpa, he is 76 now. (WOW) right. And Last Month (April) was actually his birthday. haha. Hopefully he will still be around if I come back next year. Anyways, always enjoy have a few hours chat with him:). Then I drove to the holiday house and prepare to stay my weekend here again. I didn’t watch movie today cause I spend most of my time at the mall to use internet. It’s been almost 24 hours since i last really check news, download Ted talk..etc etc. Anyways, that’s my Friday, favourite moment is the time when I was chatting with Solar Panel. It just makes me so relax and don’t need to think or say anything to prove myself, but indeed just be a good listener. Listen to the wise man speak:) haha. xoxox

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Day 94 in Swaziland 

Day 94 in Swaziland 
Today was public holiday in Swaziland, but some people still work..and I’m one of them. I spend all day with our client from South Africa. At first we had meeting in the office, visited two farms and had lunch together. It went from 10am to 4pm… By the end of it, I was totally exhausted. The discussion and meeting went really well, it all seems everyone is on the same page and have the same vision of cooperation. So that’s really good, but I think just too much thinking and brain storming the whole day, and also the stress of don’t want to fuck this meeting up. Plus…kinda have to put on this mask to try to act mature and handle all their question ‘correctly’. When I got back home, I went to the bed an took a hour of nap. I watched the movie, “ A Walk In The Wood”, tonight while I was having dinner. It’s not really that brilliant the movie itself, but somehow i enjoy it. Probably cause seeing the two older guys that still searching for the meaning of life and all the mystery in it. Indeed, we should never stop motivate ourself in life. Once you stop, then your whole stop, doesn’t it. I also like the strange love crash with other woman while they were on their journey, but it shows the kindness of humanity that he didn’t have sex with her. Its just a little flame that happens all time when we walk out the door into the world. There are million of people might looks attractive , sexy, “lusty”, but at the end of the day, you really have to remember who is your love and the person you want to spend your whole life with. So don’t fuck up this in your life (I think that’s part of the message that’s trying to say in the film). I personally think it’s a light and joyful film, something not too heavy but still have the beauty for you to think and enjoy the film.:) Sex is good of course as we are human, we also have this animal nature. However, who will be the person you will want to spend your whole life with if taken out the ‘sex’ in the context ? It’s a worth thinking question, isn’t it. OK The internet is not working at all today…so i probably just gonna read my book and playing my recording and go to bed soon…lol. Life without internet is just TOO HARD !! 

Day 93 in Swaziland

Day 93 in Swaziland

Today is pretty much whole day meeting and writing email. We ordered two large pizzas for lunch cause the meeting went from morning to the afternoon. The pizzas weren’t cheap at all, both of them cost about $21AUD. Im really surprise how can people afford this. However, it did tasted amazing, probably the best pizza i ever in Swaziland. We had about four pieces left. So I decided to give it to our workers/farmers instead of give it to our employee for dinner. When I said to the worker, “Would you like some pizza ?” They were so excited and shouted “Yes” and quickly grab a piece when I opened the box. I was like..’wow…” Then one of the grandma was dancing around while eating her pizza. Honestly it’s like watching a movie that can almost make you cry. To see them so joyful, grateful, and thankful with ‘Pizza’. I know right. It’s unreal. But in a way I can understand that with their is very difficult for them to be able to afford this kinda of cost. This country is really sad…the rich and poor are having a such huge gap. A gap that even their own people don’t want to fix it. Sometime I feel like i need to even fight for their own people to against their own kind. It’s unreal how they treat their people in a very racism and look down at them so badly. When I go to the holiday house, to see all these rich ones shopping..eating expensive steak…restaurant…Makes me wonder if they even care about there are so many of their own are starving …within two hour drive distance…hundreds and hundreds of household are starving to death. They are so poor that they can even barely afford to go to hospital when they are sick. I asked my neighbour once, “How can you live in this country for 25 yeas when everyday yo are seeing this big gap of rich and poor, and seeing the poverty, people bagging for food and water….how do you do it ? Honestly. I can’t imagine. For me I can easily close my eye and ignore all these third would countries (in fact that’s majority of people are doing) and pretend everything is fine.” I remember my neighbour agreed with me but at the same time they are also speechless and don’t know how to reply me. LOL I think I’m question goes down too deep and dark a little bit that night. Anyways, really not much happen today. Tomorrow is another public holiday here in Swaziland, but i gotta go into the office in the morning and meet my South Africa client. Hopefully everything will go well, fingers’ cross…plus I’m really nervous too. Don’t want to fuck it up and ruin our best opportunity. Oh Plus..I watched the movie “OddBall”….I didn’t enjoy it … Michelle did. I found it really annoying with all the special affect on the background that trying to make it so real but still you can still it’s so fake. it is a good story…just not a very good movie. It’s trying to hard to make a really funny, warm and family type of style..and treated everyone like a child in a way. I think this story line has so much more potential that can bring out even better quality into the cinematic market. sign…another disappointed Aussie film.

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Day 90- 92 in Swaziland

Day 90- 92 in Swaziland

Lately I have been really sleepy and lazy. I think it’s cause the weather…the temperate around the holiday house is like 18-10C all the time. Sometime it’s even colder at midnight or early in the morning. Also this massive english style house is builded for prevent heat, so it’s really nice and cool during the summer. During the winter…it’s bloody freezing. So I don’t normally get up until 10 or 11 am…even that..I still want to crawl back to my warm bed and just sleep all day. But that didn’t happen… Sunday I was pretty much working the whole time. I did a lot of research, browsing websites to find information. Luckily I was able to connect the internet to this taiwanese shop for internet. So I pretty much spend my Sunday afternoon and night there using the internet. Monday was Public Holiday ..but I didn’t get much holiday ..I had to go into the mall to have a meeting with a company. At first I just want to get it over with and take me only 30 minutes. But The meeting went on for 2 hours…exhausted. A note to everyone: Never have meal with your client at your first meeting. It’s bloody painful and never ending awkwardness. I worked for another few hours after the meeting..honestly i can just close my eyes and probably fall asleep anytime. But I had to stay away, because Im going to my neighbour’s place for dinner ~ wohooo. I went there about 6pm with a bottle of red. They were friendly as usual, and a Scottish girl who rent one their room for 6 months came and join us as well. We had a very long chat and didn’t have dinner until 8pm. I was so hungry i kept eating the chips lol. They cooked steak for me, it was so good that i had second piece of the I felt so bad but it’s the best steak i ever had in Swaziland. I really enjoyed it. Then there was desert ~ omg right. He made the whole thing himself, its called “Milk Tart” ~~~. Gosh I had two pieces cause i really enjoy it so much. However…that’s right..i ate way too much. But the time i walked back home and lay on my bed…I felt …sick. I watched the movie “DeadPool”…horrible movie..made me even sicker. So I had to pause the movie and went to the toilet to throw out…lol. Then I chatted with baby chub on Line for a while, lucky it didn’t cost much data (Surprisingly). Tuesdays morning..was so hard to wake up. I really gotta try to go to bed earlier, cause i really don’t enjoy this feeling of never have enough to sleep…! In the office, I pretty much just spend all day doing more research and making phone-call. I hate doing research in the office..somehow it blocks the you ended searching for just one way, one direction; instead of keep trying different directions to find the most suitable solution. Anyways… not much happening in the office today. I came home and watched the movie “the 5th wave”…omg..another horrible horrible film. Bloody boring and so predicable; it’s defiantly for high school kids. The whole time i just can’t wait for the movie to finish so i can do something more valuable for my time. I gotta stop downloading those stupid hollywood superhero movies…it’s boring me to death. Ok that’s it so far for May. It’s really nothing much other than trying to get the holiday house sorted and watch the managers doing there job, mainly just observing and checking if they are using their time efficiently.


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