Another long week

Last week of my holiday before uni start again..which i’m really nervous because i’m back to taking 4 units again. It’s going to be intense and stress again.

6 days of work this week…lost my manager..everything feel like a big mess. Don’t know who is arrange for the roaster..don’t know who to trust..don’t know who is really in charge. Everything just so weird.. Hopefully will get a really good and nice manager again.

Can’t believe I got a noted today for just trying to help designing and making some little ads poster on Facebook for work. Don’t know how they think..don’t know if they really knows about marketing and advertising .. Anyways, I can just make art again back to the way i like, back to the style i am instead of making something to care about they will like it or not and trying to be part of the stereo type (which is boring and sucks) design.

A little bit of art and design today at night, help me take away all these mess.

Question Life

What if i don’t even exist

What if it’s all fiction and non of these are real

What if there is another me in different dimension

all we living for is just another self portrait from myself in the third dimension

Are we just the same as ants, the lion, and all the other animals

Where is the peace, where is the equality

Can human being ever take away the selfishness in them and be truthful

What’s the mask are we hiding from, what’s the benefit are we trying to get from wearing the mask.

When is the day i can fully be mature and grow up, never get sick of work again, never get sick of study again.

Never question myself again what’s the purpose of life

But is anyone fully mature and grow up ? Does ages really represent anything ?

What if  there isn’t really 24 hours a day, what if there isn’t really 365 days a year.

We are only living 10% of our life before we die. all the 90% we lost because the technology, the society, and the religion.

That’s why we are never truly mature, that’s why we are never truly understand the life.

How can we live without being under some else ‘s expatiation.

Today is the day, my ex-flatmate truly left the county. He is on his journey of world trip for 7 months. Also the week my manager from work left the place. It’s just really sad to see two people out of my life in the same month.

When you see the darkness of the people, the lack of ability…..  just because this mystery person is just another manager and we all have to kiss their ass because they kiss the owner’s ass as well. It’s a joke and i wish i can flip over the board and dumping those garbages out of my life. But then again, i don’t have the power. Why ? because age represent something with those asshole. Because a paper with print ink represent everything than a truth personality. The world is all about profit and power, just like most of the religions.