Recording all day with my guitar

From now on..i’m gonna start using some vocabulary that I study on that day and put it in my blog for practice. So..sometimes it might not make any sense at all… i’m still learning ..still learning.

Today is the first day of the week that i actually don’t have to go out or do anything else for the day. So I woke up…pretty much played my guitar and wrote songs with abandon. Because there is no other pressure, I really just feel like playing guitar all day (haven’t done that for quite a long time). Sometime it can takes hours for me just to find a accompaniment to go with the chords or tempo, or the beat. So by the end of the day, around 6pm…I was so sick of recording, writing songs, playing I put down my guitar and made dinner for my and my sister. I used beetroot that i got from work and put it in my noodle soup. I love it !!! love the nature flavour and the fresh. I think i might start growing this in my garden as well…hehe. However, my sister hate it..she had a one bite and said ..’i don’t think i can finish all of them’. What a shame..if i knew that..I will put the whole thing on my plate. Beetroot makes a perfect accompaniment to soup (In my opinion). Not only you can taste the nature flavour, the soil the ground, but also the flavour that goes into the soup. yum yum.

I really wish my sister can be more positive about her job.  Keep spending money on her..somehow it all accumulate into a big cost. I’m still waiting for one more letter from world vision for my tax refund. Hopefully by next week, i will be able to do the tax refund and that will help to bring back my plan for my finance. However it all acquires some  support such as the financial planning from the bank or Tax agency (or my accountant friend from work).  Maybe not enough, but i need at least some adequate supports for all these… Otherwise i will have no clue even how to start plan my finance. nooooo i’m major in marketing and i’m not so good at keeping my money. LOL

Now i’m just mumbling cause i’m trying to use the words i learn today from IELTS. lol

Be the Band (Be the Music)



PR, here I come !!

I was gonna wake up this morning at 7am and to do stuff with my sister. Original plan was she goes to MQ centre and get her photo ID and many more stuff, then goes back to her place. When she is on her way, i will be walking to her house and take some stuff to her place as well. But then…We both didn’t wake up until 10am. Well, it’s been really busy for both of us the last couple days, maybe it’s good to sleep in sometimes just to have some good rest. Anyways, we both didn’t leave the house until quarter to 2pm in the I went to Macquarie Uni for my PR information session. The first two hours was about General Skill migration plus Q&A, the last two hours was about Employee Migration plus Q&A. The first hour, I was so nervous cause the speaker goes through really fast and i was freaking out tried to take down all the notes. There was so many informations that i never heard before. All the different kinds of visa, all the different ways to apply for PR. If i’m right at this stage.. I need to apply for the skill assessment visa. So far i’m half way there already. I will be 25 next year (30 Points), I will graduate with bachelor degree (15 Points), so that will be 45 points already for me. Then if I can …only if i can..get IELTS english test for 8.0 for each component, that will gives me 20 Points. Then i will have total point 65 points ,which allows me to apply for the subclass 189 Visa, which is the PR as well. To get even higher, i need one year working experience that is relate to my study. But this one year work..every week need to have at least 20 hours… then I will get another 5 points. This will give me 70 Total points, which a higher chance to get accept and quicker process. (All in all…that’s if what i hear from the information session and didn’t miss any other important part are all correct.) So couple way to do it I think…first start preparing IELTS….and start looking for marketing job…but there is no marketing job will hiring someone to work 20 hours a week…that’s just way too much as far as i know. Normally Marketing is just one day or two days i think. … !! The information session finished a hour before, so i went to Macquarie centre to meet my sister. We ended up having a little fight in the Big W. LOL I found out i’m a very easily miss communicate with people…not just in english..even in chinese. sign.. i thought i’m pretty clear. Maybe i’m thinking clear in my head but not clear when i speak. Anyways, just have a easy night with my sister again, had ravioli for dinner and played guitar a little bit tonight while my sister was playing with her phone. that’s for today :) ~ nit nit blog.