Woolwich, Cockatoo with my sister

So it’s been a week since i late updated my blog. Even through i’m on school holiday, but there is always something will come up and have to do it. I worked during the weekend as usual, and it’s been the best week at work so far. Because the annoying bitchy manager was there, so everyone was just self-motivate and working hard. It’s just the best feeling ever. No one to push you around to do pointless change, but we all work hard to make the place better.

Tuesday, I went to have a day trip with my sister. Since I think it will be the last chance to go out before she starts working 5 days a week and I go back to Uni again. We met up at Town Hall and went on the same train that goes to Circular Quay. We took the ferry to Cockatoo Island first. She made sandwiches for lunch. So we went to the top of the island and sat on the grass to enjoy the lunch. It was nice and chill. After the lunch, I started doing some sketch and she went to take some more photos. What a prefect weather and day to just relax and enjoy the quietness. Later on we went on ferry again and went to Woolwich. The harbour sculpture exhibition looks right next to the wharf but it’s not immediately adjacent. Usually it won’t be a problem for me, but I accidentally twisted my feet while was at cockatoo. It was very painful to walk already, and now we have to walk all that distance. However, It was worth it in the end although I had to adjust the way i walk the whole time. The place was so quiet, pretty, clean, and very artistic with all the sculptures all over the place. We spend another couple hours there and went back to Circular Quay for dinner. We met up with my sister’s friend from Taiwan, went to The Ship Inn Hotel for dinner. The beer is not that cheap..8 dollar for a large glass. But the pizza is 10 dollar which is pretty good price I think in the city. I don’ have the aggregate of dinner in the city experience. What i did is google “cheap dinner around circular quay”..then this hotel was suggested by many commenters. lol.

After we finished the dinner and went back home on our own. I was not a very good aid lol. I send my sister home by herself. So 2 hours later i got her message said she is finally home. She went on the wrong train, lucky was not too late to get off to change it to the right one. Then as usual she had to walk home from station (which she will have to do that every weekend when she finish her work). Tough life. No wonder she came to my place this afternoon and was crying. First, she is still trying to get used to living here , especially by herself in the house. Secondly, she used to be the manger in the taipei coffee shop. But now she is in a completely new environment and language, suddenly the pride is gone and she is in the lowest level in that workplace which she used to be very proud of herself. And there is really nothing I can do. It’s part of being growing up and get those special experience that not everyone will have chance to experienced it. All in all,  it’s only her second weeks in AU.  haha




Recording all day with my guitar

From now on..i’m gonna start using some vocabulary that I study on that day and put it in my blog for practice. So..sometimes it might not make any sense at all… i’m still learning ..still learning.

Today is the first day of the week that i actually don’t have to go out or do anything else for the day. So I woke up…pretty much played my guitar and wrote songs with abandon. Because there is no other pressure, I really just feel like playing guitar all day (haven’t done that for quite a long time). Sometime it can takes hours for me just to find a accompaniment to go with the chords or tempo, or the beat. So by the end of the day, around 6pm…I was so sick of recording, writing songs, playing guitar..lol. I put down my guitar and made dinner for my and my sister. I used beetroot that i got from work and put it in my noodle soup. I love it !!! love the nature flavour and the fresh. I think i might start growing this in my garden as well…hehe. However, my sister hate it..she had a one bite and said ..’i don’t think i can finish all of them’. What a shame..if i knew that..I will put the whole thing on my plate. Beetroot makes a perfect accompaniment to soup (In my opinion). Not only you can taste the nature flavour, the soil the ground, but also the flavour that goes into the soup. yum yum.

I really wish my sister can be more positive about her job.  Keep spending money on her..somehow it all accumulate into a big cost. I’m still waiting for one more letter from world vision for my tax refund. Hopefully by next week, i will be able to do the tax refund and that will help to bring back my plan for my finance. However it all acquires some  support such as the financial planning from the bank or Tax agency (or my accountant friend from work).  Maybe not enough, but i need at least some adequate supports for all these… Otherwise i will have no clue even how to start plan my finance. nooooo i’m major in marketing and i’m not so good at keeping my money. LOL

Now i’m just mumbling cause i’m trying to use the words i learn today from IELTS. lol

Be the Band (Be the Music)